Karim Nayernia
International Center for Personalized Medicine, Germany
Title: Personalized Cell Therapy of cardiovascular diseases


Jürgen Hescheler

 Institute for Neurophysiology, university of Cologne, Germany

Title: Personalized Medicine Based on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Uwe Nixdorff

European Prevention Center, Germany

Title: What Is The Privative Potential Or Genetic Analysis In Clinical Cardiology?

Jeffrey K. Mills

Medler Ferro Woodhouse & Mills, USA

Title: Protecting Personalized Medicine Innovation in Europe and the US: Challenges and Opportunities

Majd AlGhatrif

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA

Title: Precious Medicine in Ambiguous Diseases Individualizing care in Age-Associated Cardiovascular Conditions

Joseph Loscalzo

Harvard Medical School, USA

Title: Network Medicine:  A Path to Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

David A. Nelles

CEO of Tartan LLC

Title:  “RNA-targeting Cas9 Corrects Molecular and Physiological Features of Myotonic Dystrophy Type I”

Elham Kayvanpour

university Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Title: Towards Individualized Therapy of Ischemic and  Non-Ischemic Heart Failure Patients

Heribert Schunkert

German Heart Centre, Munich, Germany
Title: Multiplicative effects of CAD risk alleles


Grant Morahan

University of Western Australia, Australia

Title:Genetic Risk Signatures Identifying People at Higher Risk of Cancer, Heart Attack and other Diseases

Kewal K. Jain

Jain PharmaBiotech, Switzerland

Title: Integration of biotechnologies for the development of personalized medicine for cardiovascular disorders.

Thomas Bauer

Business Development Director, Germany

Title: Linking Single-Cell Phenotypes to Multi-Omics Data

Leo Kurian

Institute for Neurophysiology, university of Cologne, Germany

Title: update soon


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